Sunday, July 1, 2012

My summer #bookaday challenge

A few books on my #bookaday reading list
School may be out for the summer, but my learning is not going to end.  Once again, I will be taking part in the summer #bookaday challenge where I'll be reading, reviewing and learning.  I can't wait. 

For those of you not familiar with the #bookaday challenge, read about this annual event in Donalyn Miller's blog.   Then ask yourself if you are up for the challenge.  I know that I am... not only because I believe reading will help me connect my students to books they will love, but because I am a reader. As Miller states, "Ultimately, it doesn't matter what we read, or how much, or when. What matters is that we celebrate reading, share our book love with other readers, discover new titles, and enjoy ourselves." 

So celebrate with me this summer.  My challenge begins on Monday, July 2nd and will end on Sunday, August 12th when I will likely be back to work in some capacity.  A book a day, 41 books!  Time to get reading.

Conversation with an 8th Grade student in my library this spring....
"Mrs. Denomy, I have an emergency!" 
"What is it?" I ask. 
"I need a book ASAP." 

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